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Newtec Launches Next Generation Broadcast Satellite Platform

16 April 2012

Newtec has launched its next generation broadcast satellite modulator platform, which will play a vital role in satellite networks, deliver bandwidth efficiency performance among the best on the market, and help broadcasting businesses evolve through ongoing market and technology transitions.

The M6100 is the new generation DVB-S2, DVB-DSNG and DVB-S modulator specifically designed for contribution of television and radio content, primary distribution of content and broadcast direct-to-home (DTH). It interoperates seamlessly with DVB set-top boxes, professional IRDs and satellite demodulators.


The Newtec M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator meets all of these challenges with various new and unique functionalities. Carrier-ID insertion is a new capability; a built-in MPEG transport stream analyser offers fast trouble shooting; the sub-second redundancy switchover times are industry-leading; SMPTE 2022 Forward Error Correction (FEC) facilitates remote headend deployment, and a lot more.


There are many innovations in Newtec’s new modulator that increase satellite transponder efficiency like the automated Equalink®, Clean Channel Technology™ and the opportunistic data insertion, i.e. Multi Protocol Encapsulation (MPE). The increased efficiency can be used to either lower the yearly operational expenses, to launch more services in the same transponder space or to provide a better quality of service.


The M6100 is built upon flexible and programmable technology, making it a future-proof building block capable of evolving any satellite network to carry next generation services to customers and consumers.

Scalable pay-as-you-grow licencing facilitates the launch of new services or last minute network design changes without rebuilding the entire network infrastructure. Migration from ASI to IP or IF to L-Band interfaces are also made possible using simple in-field installation of license keys.


“The number of market and technology transitions that are ongoing today have not been this high since the emergence of digitisation of the market and DVB-S2. The Newtec M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator prepares and guides customers through the many challenges and opportunities our industry is now facing,” said Serge Van Herck, CEO of Newtec.


Newtec is continuously seeking ways to improve efficiency on satellite networks. Dirk Breynaert, CTO and Co-founder of Newtec, said the M6100 is designed to help drive evolution in the satellite industry. “We started to realise that with the new M6100 technology, we can achieve significantly higher performance levels than ever before at the right cost level for our customers. Considering performance is doubling every 18 months or so, the capabilities now are very different from 10 years ago, let alone the 1960s when some of the DVB-S2 features were developed. The M6100 is designed with potential evolution of standards in mind. It delivers the highest uptime for vital satellite links, the best performance at lowest costs and a path to evolve towards the latest technology.”