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XipLink to Optimize Datum Systems’ Satellite Modems

March 21, 2012


XipLink, announced a joint agreement with Datum Systems, an industry leader in high performance SCPC
satellite modems. XipLink, the incumbent recipient of the 2011 Technology of the Year Award by the World Teleport Association will embed its latest generation of optimization software (XipOS) into Datum Systems entire line of modems. The agreement includes the ability for Datum Systems to bundle XipLink’s appliances into a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of their most demanding customers.

By tightly integrating the XE-Series of wireless optimization software with Datum Systems’ highly efficient satellite modems, which already offer sophisticated coding schemes, superior BER’s, blazing carrier acquisition speeds and the lowest latency in the industry, Datum Systems modems will also accelerate and compress TCP data for maximum capacity. All modems will be upgradeable by simply adding a new Q7 board into the chassis of the modem.

“The combination of Xiplink’s powerful optimization and advanced streaming compression capabilities with our reliable high performance modems allows us to provide greater throughput and network efficiency to satellite based IP networking customers, just what today’s wireless users require”, said David Koblinski, Vice President of Datum Systems.

“We are excited by the flexibility and lower capital cost this partnership will bring to Datum Systems’ growing customer base. The XE-Series of software will also include XipLink Real Time (XRT) functionality to further extend and improve the current high performance Datum Systems line of satellite modems,” said Bruce Bednarski, Senior Vice President for XipLink. “Technical enhancements such as XRT will compress, coalesce and prioritize VOIP and UDP for significantly more bandwidth and packet efficiency without compromising quality. XRT can provide bandwidth savings up to 50% on this traffic classification.”