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TeleCommunication Systems Announces in Orbit Enhanced Security and IPv6 Software Upgrade to TCS OS-IRIS Platform on Intelsat 14




Mar 14, 2012


 TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) has completed production integration testing and roll-out of a software upgrade to its TCS OS-IRIS offering, which is hosted on Intelsat 14. TCS OS-IRIS is the world's first commercial service offering of a Cisco-enabled IRIS (Internet Routing in Space) managed satellite service.


This upgrade adds enhanced encryption and additional IPv6 support to the platform, which already supports seamless, end-to-end Layer 3 Internet protocol (IP). By leveraging the upgrades and the benefits of Layer 3 IP routing via satellite, secure, end-to-end IP virtual private network services can be offered with new levels of security, flexibility and network control. TCS is the exclusive commercial services operator of IRIS-enabled satellite services on Intelsat 14, allowing organizations to reach multiple continents from a single connection to TCS' network infrastructure.


"The TCS OS-IRIS software upgrade delivers greater end-to-end security, next-generation networking support with IPv6 and more cost-effective throughput for land, maritime and airborne users," said Lt. Gen. Steven Boutelle (retired), CEO, Cisco IRIS. "Customers will continue to benefit from TCS' recognized networking expertise and long-standing relationship with Cisco, which encompasses TCS OS-IRIS, communications on the move, traditional networks and our recent Cisco Master Managed Services Certified Partner and Cisco Silver Certified Partner Certifications, as well as the Cisco Powered Managed Services Designation of TCS in the U.S."


TCS OS-IRIS allows organizations to directly connect sites on multiple continents without the need for double satellite hops or the traditional connection to a commercial teleport. This converged solution enables voice, data and video traffic over a single IP network to increase efficiency and flexibility, compared with more fragmented, traditional satellite communication networks. Customers benefit from increased bandwidth availability, reduced latency, optimization tools and application flexibility delivered by TCS through an end-to-end Cisco secure IP network.


"Cisco's collaboration with TCS on this upgrade demonstrates both their commitment to IRIS technology innovation and its commercial roll-out to enterprise customers," said Michael Bristol, general manager and senior vice president of government solutions for TCS. "Cisco IRIS technology will transform how government agencies and commercial organizations use IP-based network services to accomplish their objectives. This is another milestone in the long-term satellite industry collaboration between TCS and Cisco, and we look forward to increasing opportunities for both government and commercial markets to deploy more flexible and cost-efficient solutions."