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XipLink Announces Partnership with Gogo

March 14, 2011

XipLink has announced a partnership with Gogo Inc. to provide Gogo with dual link balancing and optimization for Gogo’s new ATG-4 system. XRT will help Gogo manage bandwidth between its two modems, which will provide an optimal Internet access experience while maintaining control over bandwidth costs. The new capabilities will also offer Gogo access to hybrid network acceleration, allowing aircraft to utilize Gogo’s Air-to-Ground network in North America while seamlessly switching to satellite connections when leaving the Air-to-Ground coverage area. The combined Gogo and XipLink solution allows these conflicting goals to be obtained while providing higher uptime due to multiple path access.

Gogo provides service today to more than 1,300 commercial aircraft within the continental U.S and
Alaska and is working on expanding its products and services internationally. XipLink provides
SCPS-based TCP acceleration, streaming compression, real-time UDP/VoIP optimizations and web optimization. In addition to these functions, Gogo intends to leverage three new XipLink capabilities to improve the user experience on board the aircraft.

Gogo is implementing a Xiplink Embedded (XE) virtual machine deployment for the aircraft data
controller in order to allow for scale and unique operating environments. The second new feature,
adding to XipLink’s Real Time (XRT) optimizations, is hybrid load balancing support allowing two or
more links to simultaneously utilize available uplink capacity, even if that capacity is from more than one source. Initially this feature is used within the Air-to-Ground network. These load balancing and link bonding features will ultimately support other uplink technologies such as satellite. The third key feature is connection redundancy, giving Gogo the ability to transparently connect any aircraft server/modem unit to any available Xiplink XA-30K “ground cluster” of appliances located throughout the network. The proven XipLink appliances give Gogo redundancy and scale, with each XA-30K adding another 155 Mbps to any “ground cluster”.

“With our long-term roots in TCP acceleration for satellite networks and recent movement toward
additional wireless optimization techniques for packet networks, XipLink was ready for this
development challenge,” said Jack Waters, CEO at XipLink. “For the Gogo deployment, our joint
teams came together quickly to understand existing capabilities and tightly define the new
requirements in a short time window. As it turns out, XipLink’s roadmap included many of the specific requirements and Gogo added unique understanding that results in increased Internet access capacity for aircraft passengers.”