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LightSquared Announces Extension of Emulation on its SkyTerra-1 Satellite Network for Existing Customers


March 6, 2012

LightSquared announced that the company is further extending the emulation phase of its current generation voice (MSAT), private network carrier and mobile data services over its new SkyTerra-1 satellite network through the end of 2015. LightSquared will continue to evaluate extending its current generation services beyond 2015 as it works to finalize its plans for launching next generation satellite services.

Service on SkyTerra-1 will emulate existing satellite services, including all LightSquared features such as push-to-talk, and is 100 percent compatible with all of the company’s current devices. SkyTerra-1 was launched in November 2010 and is currently supporting the majority of LightSquared’s satellite customers. This extension of current generation services, utilizing one of the world’s most powerful and versatile commercial satellites, ensures that public safety officials and first responders have ubiquitous access to communications during emergencies. In addition, the LightSquared network will provide federal, state and local agencies with access to interoperable communications throughout the United States, even in the most rural areas.

Also benefitting from the extension of current generation services are enterprise customers from a variety of industries including transportation, oil, natural gas, maritime, utilities and telecommunications. These industries and others have thousands of workers in remote areas who depend on satellite communications for their jobs and their safety. LightSquared’s MSAT 1 and MSAT 2 satellites remain in service and are available to provide critical redundancy capabilities, if needed.

“Our existing satellite customers will not see any change in service or coverage as a result of recent regulatory events,” said Bryan Hartin, vice president of sales, distribution and business development for LightSquared. “LightSquared’s mission is to support every user through the emulation period and transition them to a next generation LightSquared satellite platform,” Hartin added.

Hartin continued, “LightSquared’s next generation customers will be able to take advantage of the SkyTerra-1 advanced spot beam coverage capability to utilize the LightSquared L-Band spectrum more efficiently, resulting in significantly reduced device size and cost. Additionally, the SkyTerra-1 ground based beam forming system allows for customization of coverage over the North American continent, Hawaii and the Caribbean, giving customers the flexibility to provide increased coverage in specific areas and to change coverage over time as user demand requires.”