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BRF Brasil Foods Optimizes Its Communications with Level 3's IP Satellite Services




March 5, 2012


Level 3 Communications, Inc. announced that BRF Brasil Foods, one of the largest food companies in the world, will use Level 3's Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) solution to enable the seamless exchange of large volumes of information through integrated voice and data services. This will allow the company's 115,000 employees – from those on the farms to those in distribution centers and corporate offices – to access all of the company's communications resources. The service is offered via satellite and will be delivered to 77 of the company's locations throughout Brazil. Level 3 extends the reach of its fiber-based terrestrial network with satellite services where terrestrial infrastructure is sparse because of South America's rugged terrain.


Level 3's IP VPN solution will meet the demands of specific locations, such as Alegrete and Bage, Rio Grande do Sul; Bom Conselho in Pernambuco; Cristina, Bicas and Raul Soares in Minas Gerais; Feira de Santana, Bahia; Ananindeaua and Maraba in Para; Nova Marilandia in Mato Grosso; and Aparecida de Goiania in Goiania.

"Level 3 has demonstrated dedication and commitment in its service implementation, meeting all deadlines and allowing us to stay focused on our primary job," said Curt Zimmerman, chief information officer at BRF Brasil Foods.


"Level 3's IP VPN services simplify the network experience with a focus on business objectives," said Marcos Malfatti, senior vice president of Sales at Level 3 in Brazil. "These services provide the highest performance and versatility available today, with the global reach, reliability and network security to help BRF Brasil Foods meet its goals."