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SA Photonics Introduces Optical Switch for Space-Based Communication Networks

SA Photonics introducied the Compact Scalable Matrix Optical Switch (COSMOS), the first all optical switch designed specifically for space-based communication networks. COSMOS provides the foundation for optical communication networks within and between satellites, enabling much higher bandwidth and lower crosstalk than has been possible with radio frequency (RF) communication.


“The COSMOS switch will dramatically increase the bandwidth of satellite communication systems and allow for optical communication mesh networks inside satellites and across space,” said Jim Coward, the CEO of SA Photonics. “We believe COSMOS is the only all optical switch that has demonstrated the ability to pass extremely challenging space qualification testing.”


Of optimal size and weight for satellite applications, COSMOS has minimal power requirements, a modular architecture that integrates into any modern satellite, and is designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and radiation that satellites encounter in space. COSMOS uses a solid state switching mechanism made from integrated off-the-shelf components, affording COSMOS significant advantages, including lower insertion loss, zero drift over years of operation, zero power switch latching, and simple integration into communication sub-systems.