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 Hughes Announces Release of HX System 4.0: Higher Performance and Efficiency, Significant New Features

February 27, 2012


Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), announced the planned release of HX System 4.0, bringing a host of technology enhancements to the HX product family which will enable higher performance, higher efficiency, and a number of significant new features. Summarized below, these enhancements further strengthen the HX System’s leadership in specialty markets such as IP trunking, 3G/4G cellular backhaul, Virtual Network Operator (VNO) hosting, and “Comms On-The-Move” (COTM) for airborne/maritime/land, including defense and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions. 


IPv6/IPv4 Support

●A major element of HX System 4.0 is a dual stack IPv6/IPv4 design which will enable the simultaneous support of both protocols. The ability to implement IPv6 is fast becoming a critical issue for every telecommunications service provider as the availability of new IPv4 address space is quickly disappearing. HX System 4.0 will enable operators to smoothly transition to IPv6 while continuing to support their installed base of IPv4 customers and devices.

HX90 Satellite Broadband Router

● The new HX 90 features higher efficiency and lower operational costs on satellite links through a new optimized encapsulation scheme on the outroute, and through LDPC coding on the inroute, the same coding scheme as used in the DVB-S2 standard. Combined with a major performance boost across the entire HX System family of routers, in sum these enhancements provide operators with best-in-class throughputs and efficiencies.

Defense & Mobility Support

● HX System 4.0 brings to market key functionality and specific operational frequencies in support of the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) system for military and defense organizations. In addition, HX System 4.0 encompasses a comprehensive set of enhanced mobility features including integrated Doppler correction, automatic beam switching, and enhanced return channel spreading for even the most demanding COTM applications.


Network Management Enhancements

● The industry leading HX ExpertNMS? (Network Management System) has been upgraded in HX System 4.0 to provide enhanced management capabilities for VNOs. This new capability enables a VNO to monitor and control elements within their operational service domain, allowing a wholesale network operator to effectively partition their network and provide complete control to private users of these partitions.

“We are excited to bring our wide range of operator, enterprise and military customers the extensive benefits of HX System 4.0 for fixed and on-the-move broadband satellite solutions,” said Dave Jupin, vice president, International Division, Hughes. “Supporting the full range of C-, Ku-, Ka-, and L-band frequencies, as well as WGS frequencies, the HX System 4.0 is the ideal choice across all specialty and mobility market sectors.”