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Brazil’s Rede Novo Tempo Expands Capacity with SES


23 February 2012

SES announced that Brazil’s Rede Novo Tempo de Comunicação has renewed and expanded a long-term capacity agreement for the distribution of its video and radio channels to audiences throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, North America and Western Europe.

As part of the multi-year, multi-million dollar deal, the global broadcaster will continue to rely on SES’ NSS-806 satellite to reach viewers of the popular full-time religious network. NSS-806 provides high-powered coverage of Latin America and access to North America and Western Europe.


Once SES-6 will be launched in early 2013, it will take over the distribution of Rede Novo Tempo channels from the highly coveted orbital position at 319.5 degrees east. SES-6 is one of seven SES satellites to be launched during an extensive fleet investment programme primarily aimed at meeting increasing demand for capacity over emerging markets.


“Over the past nine years Rede Novo Tempo has dramatically increased its audience reach with SES and the NSS-806 satellite,” noted Antonio Oliveira Tostes, Rede Novo Tempo Networks Director. “We continue to rely on SES’ satellites and expertise, as our Rede Novo Tempo network grows and becomes part of Latin America’s leading religious broadcasting community. SES-6 provides our strategic platform for future growth.”

“Our NSS-806 satellite at 319.5 degrees East has become Latin America’s leading video neighborhood enabling Rede Novo Tempo to reach millions of homes in the Americas and the Pacific Basin. The renewed and expanded capacity agreement strengthens even more our long relationship with Rede Novo Tempo,” explained Dolores Martos, Vice President of Latin America Sales for SES. “It also serves as a case study for other programmers and networks looking to reach new and larger audiences more efficiently and effectively”, Martos added.