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HughesNet Dealer Network to Offer NextAlarm Products and Services

Feb. 21, 2012


Alarm systems service provider and technology developer NextAlarm Monitoring Services Inc. announced an expansion of its distribution agreement with Hughes Network Systems. All of NextAlarm's products and services related to security will be offered by HughesNet dealers nationwide.


The NextAlarm line of products features wireless security cameras, a wireless alarm system, and a patented broadband adapter that enables most existing alarm systems to communicate over the Internet. The NextAlarm wireless system has been optimized to operate over a HughesNet satellite Internet connection employing a unique protocol that is extremely bandwidth efficient, resulting in a cost-effective, monitored security service over satellite without disrupting other Internet traffic.


NextView, the video surveillance product offered by NextAlarm, is also unique in that it does not require on-site video storage or constant uploading to a remote server. The cameras feature a buffer which is continually updated, but is only sent to the NextAlarm servers in the event of an alarm. When an alarm does occur, the buffer is uploaded, and includes a video starting 10 seconds before the alarm, and ending five minutes after. This allows NextView to keep cost and bandwidth use to a minimum, while still providing a strong visual record of alarms.


NextAlarm vice president of Global Sales & Marketing Tom Reed commented, "We've found that HughesNet subscribers really have a good relationship with their local dealer, and trust them for guidance in their technology purchasing decisions. By offering NextAlarm, these dealers can provide their customers with a great, useful product, and increase their RMR with the service."