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ViaSat Calls on Radisys Expertise to Develop ATCA-Based Satellite Broadband Infrastructure

 2 February 2012


Radisys and Viasat announced a collaboration to develop an ATCA-based Satellite Modem Termination System (SMTS). ViaSat selected Radisys’ integrated ATCA platform solution and leveraged its engineering services to develop the SMTS in less than two years from concept to deployment.

To keep up with advancements in satellite technology and support its new high-capacity Ka-band satellite, now in service over Europe and North America, ViaSat needed to design an entirely new SMTS, a system that aggregates uplink and downlink traffic traveling between satellites and end-users. In order to meet this aggressive timeline, ViaSat chose Radisys’ ATCA platform with pre-integrated middleware and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) blades.


Although the majority of the design was based on Radisys’ ATCA blades, ViaSat also needed to design ATCA-compatible blades to address unique functions in its system. Radisys provided its design consulting services, backed by significant investment in R&D and industry-leading expertise in the development of ATCA solutions, to help ViaSat develop the custom ATCA boards and complete the middleware integration in-house. ViaSat leveraged Radisys’ valuable intellectual property in ATCA in order to focus its own R&D funds on its core competency, application software.


The COTS approach enabled an integrated platform with not only the switching, packet processing, compute functionalities and ViaSat developed hardware, but also the platform software and middleware needed to give the maximum head start.

“In addition to having all the necessary ATCA components on hand, Radisys had the ability and expertise to accelerate our custom board design and address our middleware concerns,” said Jeff Crosby, vice president of commercial broadband, ViaSat. “We embarked on this development with an aggressive schedule tied to a satellite launch and we are glad to report that the SMTS is now deployed and successfully carrying traffic to our customers.”


“While the Radisys ATCA platform has been well designed and field-proven for accelerating our customers’ network development time-to-market, our ability and willingness to collaborate closely with ViaSat to share our years of expertise is a unique value-add in the industry,” said Venkataraman Prasannan, general manager, ATCA, Radisys. “Our goal is to help our customers shorten their time to money.”