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OmniAccess Upgrades Global VSAT Network to iDirect's iDX 3.0 Software


Jan. 31, 2012


iDirect  announced that OmniAccess S.L., a leading communications provider to super- and mega-yacht owners, has upgraded its global VSAT network with iDirect's latest operating software, iDX 3.0. By combining SCPC and TDMA operating modes on one platform, iDX 3.0 enables OmniAccess to achieve higher efficiency and greater flexibility in bandwidth allocation during high-use seasons, while reducing overall hardware and operating expenses. OmniAccess has also installed a new iDirect Universal 5IF satellite hub in Singapore. The additional hub extends OmniAccess' broadband coverage in the Caribbean and throughout South East Asia for super-yacht customers. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.


The OmniAccess BroadBEAM service portfolio offers customers uninterrupted high-speed connectivity for a variety of next-generation, bandwidth-hungry applications like high-definition video conferencing, the simultaneous streaming of multiple HDTV channels, corporate VPN access and high-quality voice calls. With iDX 3.0's SCPC Return capability, OmniAccess can support clients who require a high-speed SCPC return link while also maintaining the flexibility to switch back to a TDMA operating mode based on dynamic bandwidth requirements.


OmniAccess' enhanced network efficiency and coverage will allow it to address customer applications more efficiently, while also enabling super-yacht customers to roam between the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Indian Oceans without changing service providers or plans.


"We have experienced steady demand for high-bandwidth, more widely available broadband from the yachting sector. As a result, we require the most efficient and reliable platform available to serve a broader customer base. iDirect has always been the core satellite platform of our BroadBEAM service portfolio, and our upgrade to iDX 3.0 is a sound investment that will enable us to continue growing while staying true to our philosophy of always offering the best technology." said Bertrand Hartman CEO, OmniAccess


"With iDX 3.0, OmniAccess has improved its ability to meet the high-demand bandwidth requirements of its growing client base. We are happy to be a long-term partner to OmniAccess and look forward to developing more innovative VSAT solutions for all of our service provider customers in the future." Stephen Tunnicliffe Regional Vice President, Europe, iDirect