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ATCi and ACORDE Deliver Cost-Effective Solutions for Department of Defense (DOD) Market



Dec. 28, 2011


Antenna Technology Communications Inc., announced that the Company has been selected by the U.S. Defense Department to supply the their Ka-Band networks designed for high throughput Ka-band satellite communication systems worldwide. In accordance with ACORDE, headquartered in Santander Spain, ATCi offers turnkey solutions for broadband wireless communications, engineering projects for video, voice, data solutions and advanced IP security solutions.


The core partnership offering includes ACTX Ka-band series (5, 10, 20, and 40W) block up converters which have demonstrated superior reliability and performance in severe operational conditions. The compact units are designed for demanding shock and vibration environments of wheeled and tracked vehicles, and are specifically engineered to support Department of Defense (DOD) agencies worldwide. Additionally, ATCi adds network operations and dynamic remote access equipment to its SkyWay Fiber Connect network providing anywhere to anywhere broadband access.


"ACORDE is proud of its successful relationship with ATCi," noted ACORDE's Director of Special Projects, John Mahoney. "The partnership capitalizes on serving ATCi's classified projects and their proprietary satellite communication technology solutions and resources, and ACORDE's expertise in the Ka and X- band technologies so critical to the DOD market," Mahoney concluded.


"We are proud to have delivered ACORDE's proven technology to the US government/military which will ultimately support a variety of critical high speed satcom operations worldwide," added ATCi's CEO, Gary Hatch. "This latest collaboration is testament to ATCi's continued ability to deliver extremely reliable, field-proven products on-time, and in the quantities required to support our customers' critical program requirements. These guys lead the world in X and Ka band RF solutions," Hatch concluded.