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Vitacom Launches New Services Powered by Romantis UHP Technology and Becomes Distributor of Romantis VSAT Products



 Dec. 12, 2011


Vitacom, a global leader in satellite network connectivity, has announced a partnership with Romantis Group, a global provider of satellite capacity and satellite networking equipment, to become a distributor for its advanced UHP VSAT products. As a result of the collaboration, Vitacom has acquired and installed UHP gateway at its state-of-the-art satellite teleport in Miami, Florida and launched a new IP centric solution powered by the Romantis UHP technology. The services are initially deployed to cover all of Africa on Intelsat IS-907 and will be eventually expanded to Latin America and Caribbean.


Romantis UHP (Universal Hardware Platform) is a universal, ultra-compact tool to deploy VSAT networks of any size and topology, like SCPC, controlled (on demand) SCPC, TDM/SCPC, TDM/TDMA, TDM/TDMA Mesh and Full Mesh TDMA. The platform supports various applications: corporate networks, broadband access, SCADA and CCTV, GSM Backhaul, IP SNG, IPTV, Satcom-On-The-Move. Switching between different modes of operation is done remotely under control of the central gateway.


The Vitacom UHP-based network provides high throughput IP connectivity fulfilling most sophisticated Quality of Services requirements. It also supports Mesh capability which enables single-hop satellite connectivity between the remotes and facilitates cost-effective creation of regional gateways in enterprise networks deployed in emerging markets.


Vitacom has also acquired from Romantis a separate Hub-less Mesh VSAT network which supports complex topologies with all remote terminals sharing the same TDMA carrier.


“We selected the Romantis VSAT technology after extensive testing by our engineers has confirmed that it fulfills its promise of high IP throughput, bandwidth efficiency, Quality of Service and unique versatility. We look forward to serving our clients better with the help of this technology, which can implement multiple network topologies with a simple change of software license on the same hardware platform,” said Bart Leichardt, VP Sales for Vitacom.


“Romantis is very pleased to work with the Vitacom team, known for its competence in technology and business. Vitacom engineers have been trained to build satellite networks based on the UHP product and to support the product after deployment,” stated Vagan Shakhgildian, President and CEO of Romantis, Inc.