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Optimal Satcom Awarded Multi-Year Contract to Provide Harris CapRock With a Unified Enterprise Capacity Management System



Dec 13, 2011


Optimal Satcom has been awarded a multi-year contract by Harris CapRock to provide a company-wide capacity management system based on Optimal Satcom's Enterprise Capacity Manager(R) (ECM) and COMPLAN products.


Following its recent acquisitions, Harris CapRock operated three separate capacity management systems which were all originally provided by Optimal Satcom to the legacy companies being merged. As part of the agreement, Optimal Satcom is working with Harris CapRock to consolidate its legacy capacity management systems into a single integrated system. This system will simultaneously meet the needs of Harris CapRock's Energy, Maritime and Government market verticals achieving higher operational efficiency and cost savings through better utilization of its leased satellite capacity. The new system will be deployed at Harris CapRock's offices worldwide. After the consolidation, Optimal Satcom will support Harris CapRock with ongoing operations and maintenance of their space segment capacity management system. This agreement consolidates and expands the scope of Optimal Satcom's previous agreements with each of the legacy companies.


"Optimal Satcom is pleased to be working closely with Harris CapRock to efficiently merge its capacity management systems and associated business processes," said Ahsun H. Murad, President and CEO of Optimal Satcom. "Harris CapRock operates and manages a large portfolio of space segment capacity with multiple providers with years of operating history and established business processes, so their systems are understandably quite complex with large volumes of data. A consolidation at this scale represents significant logistical and operational challenges. We have worked closely with each of the legacy companies for many years and understand their businesses well. This institutional knowledge, combined with our experience in working with such large customers, and the flexibility and wide functionality available in ECM, make it possible for us to accomplish this task efficiently," he added.


"Harris CapRock's energy, maritime and government clients are operationally characterized by frequent changes in location and configuration in conjunction with demanding the highest standards of service," said Andrew Lucas, Global Operations Officer, Harris CapRock. "The investment in state-of-the-art tools such as Optimal Satcom's Enterprise Capacity Manager (ECM) and COMPLAN products is a key enabler for Harris CapRock to address complex client requirements to the standards required for these critical sectors. As the world's single largest buyer and supplier of satellite bandwidth other than the U.S. Government, Harris CapRock required the flexibility to financially and technically manage substantial space segment assets using a single platform."

"Optimal Satcom's knowledge and experience gained from supporting each of the legacy capacity management systems in the past provided them the ability to quickly understand our needs and consolidate the databases with no downtime," continued Lucas. "A demanding implementation schedule requiring close coordination was met while working with constantly changing databases."