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Uplogix and TeleCommunication Systems Expand Reach of Local Management in Secure Mobile Communications Worldwide



December 5, 2011


Uplogix, and TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. announced a new agreement that will allow TCS to utilize Uplogix solutions in their managed services business units, as well as resell Uplogix solutions to end customers.

Serving a wide range of commercial and government markets, the new agreement will allow TCS to implement Uplogix Local Management for in-depth monitoring and automated recovery within their managed services engagements and as an integrated solution within other technology sales.

“TCS specializes in markets that demand highly reliable and secure networks,” Michael Bristol, senior vice president and general manager of government solutions for TCS. “Uplogix has built a management platform from the ground up designed around these requirements. We look forward to expanding the impact of Local Management in our product offerings.”

Already proven in government applications like satellite communications for the U.S. Army and large commercial data centers in the financial industry, Uplogix Local Management streamlines and simplifies the process of managing a network. Tasks that may have required site visits and taken days are now reduced to a matter of minutes. When network device problems occur, Uplogix can often correct them before traditional centralized management systems would have even detected them, dramatically improving service levels. 

“Our work with TCS will expand our footprint in key markets for Local Management,” said Jim Cahill, Uplogix executive vice-president of sales and marketing. “We’ve had strong success in industries that rely on satellite communications and networks in places that aren’t easy to support. We’re excited to impact the critical networks for public safety, military and cyber security that TCS provides and supports.”

The patented Uplogix solution differs from traditional management tools by providing a network-independent platform that is located with – and directly connects to – managed devices. This allows Uplogix to automate the configuration, performance and security management functions that are best performed locally. In critical networks, this speeds problem resolution and improves uptime while increasing security and compliance.

TCS will serve as a distributor for Uplogix, providing quick fulfillment for customers needing rapid deployment of network and communications solutions.