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Wavestream Introduces AeroStream Airborne Transceiver Product Family

8 November 2011

Wavestream has introduced the AeroStream family of airborne-qualified solid-state transceivers for integration into both military and commercial airborne and unmanned satellite communication systems. The AeroStream product line introductions include compact Ku-band transceivers in 25W and 40W transmit output and full Ku-band receive options for pressurized and non-pressurized airborne environments.


"The demand for bandwidth and constant connectivity is continuing to escalate, driven by both military and commercial consumers who require access to video, voice and data in real time, wherever they happen to be - on land, on the sea or in the air," stated Terry Magee, executive vice president of Portfolio Management at Wavestream. "For airborne applications in particular, Wavestream technology is well suited to meet the rigorous specifications for size and weight limitations to minimize the impact on aircraft structures, while providing the power, efficiency and reliability required for SATCOM antenna systems and high bandwidth applications in extreme airborne environments. We are very excited about entering this new, expanding market and to offer our proven solid state technology to meet the growing demand for in-flight SATCOM connectivity."


AeroStream products are designed to meet the requirements of RTCA/DO-160G, Boeing, Airbus, and ARINC specifications for commercial aircraft, and MIL-STD requirements for military aircraft. Based on Wavestream's patented Spatial Power Advantage technology, AeroStream provides high output power with greater efficiency and reliability, all in more compact, lighter product package designs suitable for the extreme airborne environment. The new AeroStream 25W and 40W Ku-band transceivers offer the necessary interfaces to work seamlessly with leading modems and Antenna Control Units, providing system integrators with a convenient turnkey solution.


"For military and defense applications, it's all about staying connected to save lives and support operations, including humanitarian, relief and rescue missions worldwide," continued Magee. "For commercial customers, it's about constant connectivity to ensure access to the same applications, Internet video and voice found at home or the office while traveling anywhere either for work or for pleasure. Wavestream's new AeroStream products will help integrators provide that in-flight connectivity to meet both market requirements, as SATCOM systems continue to offer flexible solutions that other technologies cannot provide."