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Vizada Partners With SkyWave to Launch IsatData Pro


Nov 7, 2011


Vizada, announced a distribution agreement with Ottawa-based SkyWave Mobile Communications, officially launching Vizada's distribution of IsatData Pro (IDP), a new satellite service that will be offered as part of Vizada's expanding group of machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions. Vizada's multi-SNO portfolio for M2M services also includes BGAN and BGAN M2M when launched early next year. These services are highly complementary and address real customer needs for low cost, easy-to-manage fixed and mobile solutions.


Vizada will distribute SkyWave's IDP terminals which use the SkyWave IsatData Pro satellite service to enable remote management of fixed and mobile assets anywhere in the world. IsatData Pro is particularly well suited for customers looking for solutions like in-cab messaging for transportation fleets, transmitting telemetry information from oil & gas equipment, and remote management and control of fixed assets.

The agreement with SkyWave goes into effect immediately and will be used to fill a pipeline of requests generated by Vizada Partners for a range of utility, oil and gas, transportation and other end customer requirements.


"Vizada is a proven leader in delivering customers the innovative service choices so that they can find solutions that best address their ever changing, global satellite communication needs," said Dan Poirier, SkyWave Senior Vice President, Operations. "Our IsatData Pro service fits perfectly into Vizada's broad and capable suite of M2M services. We look forward to working with the Vizada team to jointly bring leading solutions to customers worldwide."


M2M communications allow devices (for example, a sensor and meter) to report event information such as a temperature, location or environmental status. The information is sent through the Vizada, SkyWave and Inmarsat systems to an application that transfers the captured event into usable information, like an alert to repair equipment or restock an inventory item. IsatData Pro, which offers two-way, near real-time messages of up to 10,000 bytes to the device, and up to 6,400 bytes from the device, meets this increasing demand for higher data in M2M applications.


"There is an emerging call for M2M services among key markets such as Oil & Gas, Utilities, Transport and even the Government," said Catherine Melquist, Director of Land Services for Vizada. "We are moving quickly to address the needs of these customers, and the introduction of IsatData Pro services is a key step in demonstrating our commitment to them."