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Large Federal Agency Agrees to Purchase LiveStreamPac GOV Systems to Deploy to Several Remote Sites


October 13, 2011


ATCi’s MeshTV announced that a large Federal Agency has agreed to purchase multiple LiveStreamPac GOV Systems for several remote locations. LiveStreamPac GOV is a mobile lightweight broadcast system customized for unique government (law enforcement, police, fire fighting, health emergency and military (homeland security, etc.) applications.


LiveStreamPac GOV boast an abundantly rich feature set, such as high level HD video resolution, super performance, advanced innovative technology for resilient transmission in all cellular reception areas including poor coverage areas, and exclusive hardware and software devices that enable easy and affordable worldwide roaming.


With LiveStreamPac, law enforcement and government entities now can turn poor coverage areas into transmission opportunities. From crowded public events to broadcasting in remote areas, the LiveStreamPac bonding system overcomes poor cellular coverage obstacles, taking broadcasting from any location to a new level.

“We are pleased that LiveStreamPac will help this prominent agency provide critical, real time information that will ultimately improve on real time decisions and remote operations,” said Gary Hatch, ATCi’s CEO “ATCi has always been on the cutting edge with its integration services by providing next generation TV,” Hatch continued. “Now we are able to provide this same tradition of services in the mobile sector specifically designed and customized for the unique requirements for the Government sectors,” Hatch concluded.