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KORE Global Connect Featuring Iridium Satellite Services Now Commercially Available

October 12, 2011


KORE, announced the commercial availability of KORE Global Connect, an integrated worldwide M2M network delivering both cellular and satellite services.


Complementing the extensive KORE cellular data network, the satellite services from Iridium Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: IRDM) now enable truly ubiquitous global coverage, ensuring reliable connectivity for critical M2M applications regardless of their physical location.

Through the management portal, KORE Global Connect provides M2M application providers with complete command of their M2M network and the devices that reside on it. KORE provides a single point of contact for billing, reporting, device management, troubleshooting and support. KORE Global Connect enables M2M application providers to more quickly activate and provision devices from any location, without the added costs or time-consuming management of international agreements.

“We are excited to see KORE adding global satellite services to its portfolio of M2M cellular services and look forward to the efficiencies gained by managing all of our KORE-related services via their business management platform, PRiSMPro,” said Ed Kruft, vice president of sales and marketing for American Innovations, a leading industrial pipeline monitoring and high-value asset tracking company and KORE customer since 2005. “KORE’s dedication to innovation and commitment to providing 100 percent global coverage, via cellular and now low-latency satellite, demonstrates its commitment to business partners such as American Innovations.”

To deliver its M2M Global Connect services, KORE has partnered with leading satellite hardware and network services providers: Digi and Iridium. Digi’s dual-mode hybrid devices enable connectivity to the cellular network and the Iridium satellite network. With its advanced networking infrastructure, KORE M2M satellite services can now reach remote areas with unmatched reliability, enabling devices to seamlessly transfer data between cellular and satellite connections.

“The M2M market has seen growing demand for wireless connectivity across the globe, including those remote areas that are not covered by cellular networks but are indeed covered by Iridium,” said Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium. “We are excited about this partnership with KORE as it simplifies delivery of connectivity through a reliable, cost-effective application, across multiple geographies, and into new markets.”

“The commitment that KORE has demonstrated to Status Awareness Systems throughout the development stage of our safety system has been fantastic and we are more than confident with their ability to provide 100 percent global coverage,” said Stephen Sims, director, Status Awareness Systems, an innovative provider of motorsport safety applications. “International rally and racing events are not just held in metropolitan areas; often they are run in rugged terrain and regional areas without mobile or radio signals. Communication transmission failure is just not an option with our product, so with KORE we can work between satellite, radio and mobile communication interactively to improve the safety of drivers all over the world.”

“With our recent market expansion through the acquisition of Mach Communications, our focus is providing customers with worldwide coverage and support. With the full availability of KORE Global Connect services, we are empowering M2M application providers with a true global M2M network, yet with one point of contact for all management and controls,” said Alex Brisbourne, president and COO, KORE. “Partnering with industry leaders, Iridium and Digi will further ensure that KORE customers receive the most advanced M2M network services with the optimized functionality required to meet the needs of their business. KORE will continue to deliver the innovative network services that enable its customers to effectively expand operations to new markets.”