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Emerging Markets Communications (EMC) Announces Breakthrough in HD Videoconferencing over Satellite with Industry's First On Demand, 'Pay as You Go' Service


Oct 11, 2011


Emerging Markets Communications announced the general availability of its affordable new high quality HD Connect On Demand satellite technology, which offers significant breakthroughs for the telepresence, videoconferencing and visual collaboration industry.


The first high definition (HD) videoconferencing over satellite service available in an affordable, on demand, 'pay as you go' manner, HD Connect is available now for deployment to Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia -- and soon to China as well as Central and South America. HD Connect allows governments, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in hard to reach areas of the world to use HD videoconferencing, telepresence and visual collaboration anywhere, anytime (on land, sea or in the air), at a fraction of the price of a typical dedicated satellite data circuit. HD Connect also delivers unprecedented quality, with low jitter, low packet loss and predictable and steady latency for excellent, unparalleled videoconferencing experiences.


Driving HD Connect is the industry's first single carrier per channel (SCPC) -- a non-shared, on/off model specifically designed for videoconferencing. With several patents pending around the methodology and the technology, EMC is the only company offering the service today.


"Until now, HD videoconferencing in the most remote regions of the world has been costly, unreliable and of poor quality," said Thomas Luketich, VP of Videoconferencing and Application Services for EMC. "Our easy to use HD Connect service enables organizations around the globe to conduct affordable, on demand, lifelike face-to-face communications and collaboration with colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers in regions that have traditionally been hard-to-reach."


"Historically, the use of satellite connections to host videoconferencing sessions has involved significant cost, performance and availability compromises," said Ira M. Weinstein, Senior Analyst and Partner at Wainhouse Research. "With its ad-hoc availability, consistent quality of service and usage-based pricing model, EMC's HD Connect has changed the rules of satellite-based videoconferencing."


In related, news, EMC also announced that it will be interconnecting with Masergy, a global provider of secure, virtualized network services. Masergy's IP/MPLS network, the most mature global IP/MPLS network in the industry, was purpose-built to support real-time applications like Telepresence and HD videoconferencing.


"EMC's new HD Connect service will provide clients with locations in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia with a compelling alternative solution for video applications in these fast-growing regions," said Chris Carr, Director of Video Markets for Masergy. "We are excited to be partnering with EMC as these regions are extremely important for our customers and partners."