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DEV Supports Satellite Industry Efforts to Reduce RF Interference


October 12, 2011


DEV America announces that its L-Band Signal Distribution System DEV 2190, now comes with a Signal Recording function as a standard feature, and that may help the satellite industry in its efforts to manage and mitigate radio frequency interference.

“Interference mitigation is an important issue for satellite operators and users globally,” says Jörg Schmidt, President of DEV America. “By giving ground station operators easy and affordable access to recorded RF signal parameters over time, cost-effective tools such as the DEV 2190 L-Band Distribution System can help in the efforts to identify and mitigate interference.”

The DEV 2190 is a next-generation L-Band signal distribution and management appliance ideal for large satellite ground stations receiving many signals. DEV's Signal Recording allows a user to access the RF signal level of any L-Band signal and/or LNB feeder current directly via the web interface of the DEV 2190. Recorded data are displayed in a user-friendly graphical user interface, and can be exported. The Signal Recording feature captures signal properties in the input path of the system and records them in user-defined time intervals – so system administrators get topical feedback on signal changes over time and see the dependence of signal properties on environmental influences such as interference, precipitation, and temperature.

The space-saving, power-efficient and highly modular DEV 2190 chassis can accommodate up to 128 active Distribution Amplifier outputs plus built-in internal redundancy, as well as Matrix Switches with receiver-selectable output ports (up to 64 outputs), and 128 outputs for Splitters. Among the additional features and options available with the DEV 2190 that make it a favorite choice for satellite ground stations are: easy control and adjustment of variable gain, RF thresholds as all as LNB-bias current via SNMP or Web browser interface, hot-pluggable and upgradeable amplifiers, and multiple independent power supplies. DEV 2190s already in the field can add Signal Recording by purchasing a software upgrade. DEV also plans to add Signal Recording as a standard feature to all appropriate products in the future.