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Hughes Introduces Class 2 Portable BGAN Terminal



Oct. 3, 2011


Hughes Network Systems, LLC announced the availability of its new 9202 Class 2 portable terminal. Fully compatible for operation over Inmarsat's global BGAN satellite service, the Hughes 9202 is the only Class 2 portable BGAN terminal with built-in, multi-user Wi-Fi access and a full 64 kbps ISDN data channel.


Building on the success of the Hughes 9201 Class 1 BGAN terminal, the Hughes 9202 is the world's smallest Class 2 BGAN terminal on the market, and is ideal for government and non-government organization (NGO) personnel such as first responders, public safety and mobile health care workers, as well as remote personnel in the utility, oil and gas, forestry, and telecommunications industries. The only commercial-grade Class 2 terminal available with a weather rating of IP55 (enclosure protected against dust and water jets), the 9202 incorporates a built-in RJ11 connection for voice and fax service, and is extended L-band ready.


"Our Hughes 9202 is a fresh, feature-packed product in the BGAN Class 2 space," said Graham Avis, vice president and general manager of Hughes San Diego. "It combines future-proof capabilities such as being extended L-band ready, with tried and true standards of Wi-Fi, ISDN, and analog phone/fax support -- all in a portable, rugged package, making it superior to the competition in all key categories."

Users can connect at IP broadband speeds up to 464 kbps, taking advantage of built-in, multi-user Wi-Fi access and automatic context activation (ACA) -- including the ability to transmit SMS messages via the integrated user interface (IUI) without requiring a connected laptop, PDA, or other device.