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Ozônio and O3b Networks Commit to Providing Internet Services to Many Remote Towns and Cities in Brazil’s State of Amazonas

26 October 2911


O3b Networks announced today that the company entered a multi-year, multi-million dollar commitment with Ozônio Telecomunicações (a Brazilian multimedia communications and Internet service provider) to provide them with low-latency, fiber-speed satellite resources, subject to the launch of, and Brazil’s grant of landing rights for, the O3b constellation of non-geostationary (NGSO) satellites. The commitment will see Ozônio provide Internet and telecommunication services to corporate customers and local government agencies across many remote towns and cities in Brazil’s state of Amazonas. With O3b’s capacity, the people of this region will be able to enjoy Internet access of the same speed and low cost as the more populous parts of the country.


“We are delighted to announce our first commitment in Latin America. We have also now won contracts in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific, demonstrating that we are a truly global company. We are proud to be able to work with Ozônio, a company growing and striving to create new Internet and telecommunications solutions for its customers. Upon the successful launch and grant of regulatory approvals, we will help to bring these important broadband services to the Amazon region in the North of Brazil,” said John Finney, Chief Commercial Officer, O3b Networks.


Ozônio plans to use Micro-Data-Centers (MDC) to provide Internet backbone access via O3b satellites and local distribution to high volume customers, including government agencies, cellular operators, electrical companies, oil and gas companies, universities, ports and local ISPs. The MDCs will also incorporate bandwidth optimization platforms and deliver local IT Value Added Services (Email server, Hosting, Backup etc.).


“We are pleased to be among the first to have reserved the O3b capacity that will enable us to assure that our corporate and government customers will have the high speed Internet access they need to maintain and grow their businesses, and to serve the people of Brazil, especially those living and working to sustain and preserve Brazil’s magnificent green frontier of the Amazon region. O3b fits well with the spirit of the Amazon, and will allow Ozônio to implement and provide reliable and consistent high-speed broadband access in the most green-friendly way,” said Yoram Yaeli, CEO, Ozônio Telecomunicações.