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iDirect and NovelSat Engage in Joint R&D Testing of Third Generation Satellite Modulation Technology, NS3™


13 September 2011


NovelSat, and VT iDirect, Inc. announced joint R&D testing to evaluate efficiency gains of NS3™ waveform technology on iDirect ‘s VSAT Platform.

NS3™ is a 3rd generation satellite transmission technology designed to achieve bandwidth gains over today’s DVB-S2 standard. Test results showed capacity boosts of up to 37%. iDirect plans to embed NS3™ in its next-generation VSAT Platform, pending continued positive results.


“Through extensive testing of NS3™, we have realized significant efficiency gains. Since space segment costs represent a significant percentage of the VSAT system TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), our hope is that combining NS3™ with iDirect’s platform may dramatically reduce TCO and enable a larger market segment to take advantage of VSAT,” said David Furstenberg, co-chairman of the board at NovelSat.


“We at iDirect strive to continuously innovate our platform to help network operators grow their business,” said Dave Bettinger, chief technology officer and senior vice president of engineering at iDirect. “Maximizing bandwidth efficiency has always been among our top priorities, and current testing of NS3™ indicates that this will be a key innovation for iDirect to adopt.”