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LightSquared Signs Multi-Year Wholesale Agreement with  VoX Communications




September 12, 2011


LightSquared has signed a multi-year wholesale agreement with VoX Communications (VoX), a provider of wholesale and retail Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services for consumers and businesses.

This is LightSquared’s 14th partner agreement, signaling that companies across a range of industries are eager to develop innovative mobile services, devices and applications on LightSquared’s open network.

VoX is culminating its strategy to add mobile functionality to its existing IP network platform by launching affordable new mobile services and applications, including voice and video, on LightSquared’s world-class network. VoX also plans to offer high-speed data and satellite services to its existing and new customers. The combination of wholesale economics and business model, open platform, 4G-LTE network and growing device ecosystem is the key reason why VoX chose to partner with LightSquared to deliver its innovative services.

“We’ve been closely following the rapid increase in mobile VoIP users, and determining how our company could take advantage of this new reality,” said Mark Richards, president and chief information officer of VoX. “We believe that the LightSquared network and business model are creating a transformative moment for the industry, and will allow us to expand our portfolio so we can deliver a broad range of affordable and innovative mobile services to our customers.”

“When we think of the types of partners that would benefit from the LightSquared network, VoX Communications comes to mind,” said Sanjiv Ahuja, chairman and chief executive officer of LightSquared. “VoX is already redefining VoIP performance and services, and we look forward to helping them do the same with a new portfolio of innovative wireless services.