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LightSquared and Advanta Technologies Announce Long-Term 4G-LTE Wholesale Agreement


September 6, 2011


LightSquared  and Advanta Technologies, have entered into a multi-year wholesale agreement.

Under this agreement, Advanta will be able to expand the company’s product portfolio to include innovative wireless broadband devices, applications and services that will run on LightSquared’s nationwide 4G-LTE network.

“We now have the opportunity to provide nationwide wireless services to our customers,” said Sjon Stevens, vice president of operations of Advanta. “Only LightSquared’s unique business model combined with advanced 4G-LTE technology will enable Advanta to offer our customers an innovative, yet affordable, portfolio of products and services that deliver a real business advantage.”

“Our agreement with Advanta is another example of LightSquared’s commitment to providing innovative companies with affordable wireless capacity so they can expand their service offerings,” said Sanjiv Ahuja, chairman and chief executive officer of LightSquared. “We’re also excited that LightSquared’s diverse customer portfolio continues to grow as companies look to offer affordable, reliable and competitive wireless broadband services.”