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KVH mini-VSAT Broadband Service Now Fully Global With Live Service in South America




Sept. 6, 2011


KVH Industries, Inc., announced that mini-VSAT Broadband(SM) service is now available to mariners in South American waters, officially completing the original global coverage plan for the maritime satellite communications network. This milestone is the latest in a string of network expansions and improvements from KVH and its partner, ViaSat Inc.


"This marks the completion of a powerful, affordable alternative to older, slower, and less-reliable services that were once the only option for mariners. We set out to offer a dramatically new approach to maritime SATCOM, which is now a reality that mariners around the globe can enjoy, thanks to seamless mini-VSAT Broadband service wherever they travel," says Brent C. Bruun, KVH's senior vice president of global sales and business development. "We look forward to building on this development, providing additional convenience and value to mini-VSAT Broadband subscribers with continued network enhancements, new value-added options, and even broader regulatory approvals for in-port use of the network in key regions."


"In addition to completing the global maritime coverage, this expansion is also another key component of our expanding global network for aviation. South America is a key and fast expanding market segment for our Yonder(R) high-speed Internet service, and this new coverage area addresses increasing demand both locally and from abroad," said Don Buchman, ViaSat's director of mobile broadband.