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New Globalstar Satellites Now Providing Improved Voice and Data Services for North American Customers


Sep 6, 2011


Globalstar, Inc. has started processing commercial mobile satellite telephone calls for customers throughout the United States, Canada, Northern Mexico, Puerto Rico and the surrounding regions using its new second-generation satellites. Globalstar voice and duplex data customers in these regions can expect improved coverage availability and call performance due to the activation of the Company's six ground stations located throughout North America.


In March of this year, the International Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted Globalstar conditional authority to operate its second-generation satellites within the United States using its North American gateways pending the completion of the French authorization process for the new satellites. This process was completed last week.


Globalstar launched six new second-generation satellites in October of 2010 and an additional six satellites in July of 2011. The operational satellites from these first two launches have previously been providing improved coverage for Globalstar customers outside of North America and the surrounding territory.


Last month the Company announced the successful delivery of additional satellites to Baiknour where they are being prepared for the third launch of six satellites currently scheduled for early October. Globalstar plans to complete the first four launches of its new satellites by the end of this year.


Once the new constellation is launched and fully deployed, the Company expects to, once again, provide the world's finest quality mobile satellite voice and fastest mobile satellite handset data services to commercial, residential and government customers throughout its entire global coverage area.