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American Family Radio Chooses Ka You Communications and VSAT Systems For New Emergency Alert System

Aug. 31, 2011


American Family Radio, a non-profit organization that owns and operates nearly 200 radio stations across the country, has chosen Ka You Communications and VSAT Systems to help them become EAS CAP compliant. Ka You and VSAT will provide the necessary IP (Internet Protocol) link to 156 of AFR's transmitter sites.


The FCC has established a deadline of September 30, 2011 for radio operators to have all of their transmitter sites reliably connected to the Internet and able to receive and relay EAS (Emergency Alert System) messages under the new CAP (Common Alerting Protocol). All EAS CAP messages sent to the IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert and Warning System) database by government agencies will be retrieved via the Internet. The new protocol allows for the sending of voice, video, text, and graphic messages.  The September deadline is in preparation for the national EAS test scheduled for November 9th, 2011.


The Ka You/VSAT solution, named IPReady, provides an Internet link at even the most remote transmitter locations. Because the connection is satellite-based, it can be established independent of terrestrial lines.


The IPReady solution includes a static (routable) IP address, reliable Internet connectivity and professional support.  Customers receive a satellite antenna, modem, BUC, and feed assembly. Ka You Communications provides installation services, and VSAT Systems offers 24/7 network monitoring.


Customers may be able to re-use existing dishes.

Ka You and VSAT Systems say that, most of the time, operators can use the same satellite dish they are already using to receive program content. This eliminates the need for an additional tower lease. However, if a new dish is needed, Ka You satellite specialists can perform the installation, with Ka You and VSAT Systems providing around-the-clock technical support and customer service.


iDirect satellite platform allows remote control of transmitters.

IPReady utilizes the iDirect satellite platform to link all transmitters to the network. From an iDirect 5IF satellite hub at its Akron, Ohio-based teleport, VSAT Systems is able to provide secure, reliable two-way IP satellite communications to AFR's transmitter sites. At the remote transmitter site, an iDirect satellite router connects to a remote control unit that enables the AFR to monitor critical transmitter and antenna functions from a central location. In fact, Joey Moody, Chief Engineer of American Family Radio says this is one of the reasons they chose IPReady. "IPReady does so much more than simply allow us to connect with IPAWS for EAS CAP compliance." says Moody. "It also provides easy monitoring of all our transmitters from our headquarters, and that has real value."

IPReady's real-time operating system is also designed to protect data from the performance and safety concerns inherent in PC-based solutions.