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Globecomm Introduces Lightweight Transport 1.2 Meter Multi Band Auto-Acquisition Terminal


August 23, 2011


Globecomm Systems Inc.  announced the launch of its next generation Auto-Explorer™ 1.2 Meter Multi Band Lightweight Transport (LT) Terminal. This new satellite communications terminal utilizes integrated carbon fiber technology and reduced components weight, making it a lightweight alternative to Globecomm’s existing 1.2 Meter Auto-Explorer™ terminal.


The LT is fully IATA compliant for checked airline baggage. It offers a three transport case solution – each case weighing less than 70 pounds. The versatile, auto-aligning VSAT antenna uses band-specific feed cartridges with integrated RF electronics to enable quick and simple frequency conversion in the field from X to Ku to Ka satellite bands, and supports several OEM L-band modem products from Comtech, iDirect, Hughes and Viasat.


Available in single, dual or tri-band configurations, it supports voice, fax, data, video, Internet and LAN-to-LAN connections. Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) certification of this new terminal is in process and scheduled for completion by December 31, 2011.


Michael Plourde, Vice President Government Programs for Globecomm, said: "The new Auto-Explorer ™ 1.2 Meter Multi Band LT terminal offers mission-adaptable communications in an IATA transport configuration. This terminal product packs out in less weight than our existing 0.77m Auto Explorer ™ system, with much improved system performance. Simply put… more bandwidth throughput with less weight to carry. Our LT design combines high data throughput with easier mobility for the warfighter and represents a significant addition to Globecomm's product line of portable terminals."