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Stratos: First Distribution Partner for IsatData Pro


Aug. 11, 2011


Stratos Global, has entered into an agreement with SkyWave Mobile Communications to serve as the first Inmarsat Distribution Partner for IsatData Pro products and service. SkyWave and Inmarsat jointly announced the global availability of IsatData Pro on August 4, 2011.


The new IsatData Pro service supports a wide range of security and location-based services in the fast-growing M2M market. These include: tracking and in-cab messaging for commercial transportation and government fleets; transmitting telemetry information from oil & gas distribution equipment; and remote management and control of fixed assets.


Stratos will market IsatData Pro to users in the government and land-transportation markets, and as a Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) solution to oil & gas and utilities sectors. For the oil & gas and utilities sectors, Stratos will integrate IsatData Pro with StratosiWare, an IP-based fully managed end-to-end SCADA solution. At any desired polling interval, the scalable StratosiWare service automatically interrogates SCADA field devices and transmits data via satellite, radio or microwave across the global StratosNexus telecommunications infrastructure to Stratos Data Centers worldwide.


"IsatData Pro is a global service that offers greater packet data capability, scalability and reliability than competing M2M communications solutions, at compelling economics," said Stratos President and CEO Jim Parm. "The ability to send and receive more data from remote assets will provide customers with better visibility of business operations, thus enabling them to manage risks more effectively."


SkyWave CEO and Managing Director Pui-Ling Stanley Chan said, "With its strong reputation for value-added services and global customer support, Stratos is ideally suited to bring the advantages of IsatData Pro to our most critical target markets. We look forward to working closely with Stratos experts to meet the individual needs of customers."