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BringCom Selects XipLink Hub Optimization Technology


August 8, 2011


XipLink, announced that BringCom has selected XipLink Hub Optimization (XHO) technology for a large network application providing Internet access in Africa. The hub-centric XHO solution reduces the addressable HTTP traffic by 35% for the BringCom traffic pattern. This reduction greatly decreases the operating expense associated with costly satellite bandwidth capacity, which is imperative in the very cost-competitive African Internet access business. In addition, the XHO technology improves customer satisfaction by increasing HTTP download times yet is seamless to the user base as no additional remote hardware or software is required.

The African-based network will utilize a single XipLink XA-30K device to support two iDirect Hubs serving hundreds of subscribers. In addition, due to the flexibility of the XHO product, the same unit can be leveraged to deliver two-way optimization functionality necessary to support BringCom’s more demanding military and enterprise-based customers. 

 “We are extremely excited to be teaming up with XipLink on this networking solution,” said Fabrice Langreney, President of BringCom. “The amount of increased throughput combined with the improved end-user experience provided by a single investment will assist in further differentiating our offerings.”


XipLink’s XA-Series appliances, range in scale from 2 Mbps and 50 connections for use in small office locations to redundant high performance systems operating at 155 Mbps and 30,000 simultaneous connections. XipLink appliances support key value-added options such as a factory installed dynamic web cache, IPSec integrated security software and XiPix lossy compression for outbound web optimization.

“XipLink is very pleased by BringCom's selection to serve this large network in Africa,” said Bruce Bednarski, senior vice president of business development for XipLink. “BringCom’s rigorous testing eliminated a few vendors due to failure in the unique satellite environment. Our successful move into the production network was based on factors such as proven bandwidth savings over satellite communications, the flexibility of our hub-centric optimization technology and the elimination of remote installation. These factors highlight XipLink’s focus to develop the best optimization solutions available for wireless networks.”