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LightSquared Completes Transition of Public Safety Users to SkyTerra 1 Satellite



Aug. 3, 2011


LightSquared has successfully transitioned approximately 50,000 public safety and enterprise customers from its MSAT satellites to LightSquared's new SkyTerra 1 satellite.


This transition is a major step toward the launch of LightSquared's next-generation integrated satellite and broadband network, which will ensure that public safety officials and first responders have ubiquitous access to communications during emergencies. In addition, the LightSquared network will provide federal, state and local agencies with access to interoperable communications throughout the United States, even in the most rural areas.


"Providing reliable communications for the public safety community is LightSquared's highest priority.  With the transition to LightSquared's new satellite, first responders will continue to have the critical communication capabilities they have come to rely on in times of crisis,'' said Sanjiv Ahuja, LightSquared chairman and chief executive officer.

Also included in the transition are enterprise customers from a variety of industries including oil, natural gas, maritime, utilities and telecommunications. These industries and others have thousands of workers in remote areas who depend on satellite communications for their jobs and their safety.


Service on the new satellite will emulate existing satellite services, including all features such as Push-to-Talk, and is 100 percent compatible with current devices.