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Clear Channel Satellite to Offer X-Digital Services on Ku Band

25 July 2011


Beginning August 1, 2011, Clear Channel Satellite will uplink an X-Digital (XDS) satellite carrier on SES World Skies AMC-1 Ku located at 103°W. Mike Hagans at Clear Channel Satellite Services explains, “The new (Ku Band) carrier allows the same inexpensive Pro1 and Pro4 XDS receivers to receive programming using a much smaller dish. This positions us well for distributing audio networks for retail, and as an inexpensive option for radio networks with stations that do not have space for a big C-band dish. It’s also an excellent replacement for radio networks currently using Legacy SCPC gear. The XDS platform allows for advanced features like time shift delay playback and regionalized spot insertions – and now you can get those features using a smaller, inexpensive dish.” Monty Dent, the Sales Manager for Clear Channel Satellite explains, “Radio networks have to invest a lot of capital when building an earth station at their facility. By simply backhauling the audio content to our X-Digital Hub, it eliminates that major expense while increasing their margins.” The X-Digital satellite receivers allow for live broadcasts, store and forward, copy split/spot insertion – localized advertising, live audio record/playback (time shifting) and addressability.