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STM Launches Branded Service offering


July 15, 2011


To consolidate and expand its broadband VSAT services, STM announced today its worldwide service branding under the name of Global-IP. The brand will immediately include STM's service operations in Spain, Brazil, and Indonesia, with five strategically located teleports.


The consolidated Global-IP network operations allows for continuous worldwide support currently serving customers with terminals installed in over 30 countries. The broadband services are used by clients in various sectors, including energy, broadcasting, maritime, finance, telecom, and governmental administrations.


The IP based services provide high quality broadband connectivity for public and private network applications involving multimedia, voice, and data traffic. "With a heritage in technology and satellite IP networking, we have the demonstrated ability to customize our service offerings to meet the demanding needs of our customers in every sector," said Jesus Barber, General Manager for Global-IP in Spain. "This attention to varying customer needs and focus on high service quality has allowed us to rapidly gain market share and expand our product portfolio in different regions."