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ViaSat Introduces SurfBeam 2 Broadband Networking System

July 11, 2011


ViaSat Inc. is introducing its SurfBeam 2 satellite networking system that enables fast and cost-effective satellite broadband services. The new system is designed to simultaneously deliver a wide range of residential, enterprise, and mobile broadband services. Customers can choose from a new family of SurfBeam 2 terminals for consumer, enterprise, on-the-move, and portable applications.


The new SurfBeam 2 system builds off the previous success of SurfBeam, the first satellite networking system designed from the ground up for economical, mass market broadband networking. The SurfBeam system is the leading choice for residential broadband, with installations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and over 800,000 units shipped.


"Our Skylogic broadband service provider has a great history of success with ViaSat and the SurfBeam system, so we have been looking forward to providing the increased performance of SurfBeam 2 networking to our customers," said Roberto Vitalone, system architect, Eutelsat. "The system started on the first crank and is performing like a fine-tuned Ferrari to power our Tooway™ satellite broadband Internet service over KA-SAT."


Through a design based on terrestrial networking standards, SurfBeam 2 brings economies of scale, easy customer provisioning, and mature network management options to satellite broadband providers. The system combines the terminal pricing, data speeds, network scale, and management systems needed to deliver a fast web experience that enables satellite service to compete effectively against terrestrial alternatives such as DSL.