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O2 Secure Wireless, Inc. Enters Into Agreement With BigHead TV to Deliver A la Carte Service Domestically and Abroad

June 27, 2011


O2 Secure Wireless, Inc. has entered into an agreement with BigHead TV that will enable the Company to provide "a la carte" programming to the consumer exclusively in  select  territories here in the United States, as well as Providing Earthcom Service Inc. with a Master Licensing Agreement for the provision of service to the Dominican Republic as well; a territory representing over 3 million homes.


According to the terms of the agreement, BigHead TV, the exclusive license holder to the "disruptive technology", is granting the right to these territories which is estimated to be worth in excess of 50 million dollars. The technology is applicable over fiber, copper, satellite and wireless distribution, or what is called "cross medium utility". It will enable O2 Secure Wireless and Earthcom Service Inc. to exercise the exclusive right to deliver the a la carte programming which would then complete the best triple play offering to the consumer available today.    


BigHead's cutting edge technology will empower O2 Secure Wireless with the opportunity to provide state of the art service, while circumventing the high-cost of otherwise necessary infrastructure build-outs for customer connectivity. This will give the Company an opportunity to deliver a high quality viewing experience at a mere fraction of the cost of providing cable

BigHead TV's goal is to partner strategically with incumbents, like O2, that choose to provide customers with the best home entertainment experience by offering them unique and compelling television programming which is searchable and available upon demand any time and in any manner they wish to view it and pay only for the channels they actually want to receive. The company will accomplish this through leadership in technology, a low fixed cost structure and customer service.


"This represents great progress in our business strategy; it not only allows us three different delivery options to get the content to the market domestically, it will reduce the obstacles that we face entering each domestic market, allowing us to even deliver Blu-Ray HD quality content to the customer.  We are continually seeking to streamline operations, and discover revolutionary ways to increase the quality of our offerings and improve the bottom line," stated Val Kazia, President, Earthcom Service Inc.