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NewCom International Expands Global Reach with Worldwide Satellite Phone Coverage and Global Mobile Broadband Service


June 9, 2011


NewCom International, a Miami-based global communications firm specializing in unified voice, video, data and content solutions, has added worldwide satellite phone coverage and mobile global broadband services to its bundled communications portfolio.

To address the critical voice communications needs of governments, military personnel, public safety officials and NGOs working in remote regions around the world, NewCom International has unveiled a suite of satellite phones that provide redundant global coverage. The satellite phones from Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya provide the dedicated satellite reach necessary to ensure service continuity at all times.

In addition, the company has launched an affordable new Global Mobile Broadband service that intuitively tracks satellite footprints and automatically changes as necessary to ensure high-quality voice, video and data communications for the maritime industry. The Global Mobile Broadband service – which ensures access to reliable communications from any offshore location – comes with flexible airtime subscription plans to meet the varying needs of military, commercial and leisure vessels.

Jaime Munera, director of IT and product development for NewCom International, says the expanded offerings reflect his company’s ongoing commitment to provide the complete communications solutions necessary to address the diverse needs of the governments, NGOs and enterprise sectors it serves.

“With so many crises and conflicts around the globe, having access to reliable voice communications anytime, anywhere is imperative – which is why we felt so strongly about offering a comprehensive line of satellite phones to the global government, military and NGO communities we serve,” notes Munera.

“We are constantly looking for ways to tap new technology to provide high-quality voice, video, data and content services at the most affordable prices possible,” he adds. “Our new global mobile broadband service is part of this initiative.”