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iDirect Platform Enables Iridium to Optimize Operations With Upgrades to Satellite Network Infrastructure

May 11, 2011


Iridium Communications Inc.  is leveraging iDirect's VSAT platform as part of a multi-year plan to upgrade the ground-control infrastructure of its low-Earth orbiting (LEO) satellite constellation. The enhanced network will allow Iridium to handle increased data transmission between its remote tracking, telemetry and control (TTAC) stations in Canada and its Satellite Network Operations Center (SNOC) in Leesburg, Va. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.


Iridium selected iDirect's Series 15000 Universal Satellite Hub to bolster communications for its dedicated operations network as part of the design, build-out and launch of Iridium NEXT, its next-generation satellite constellation. With iDirect's IP-based platform, Iridium can substantially enhance and extend global asset connectivity by delivering higher data speeds and new services to its rapidly growing customer base.


The iDirect platform will increase bandwidth efficiency between Iridium's SNOC and TTACs. iDirect enables Iridium to enhance data throughput from 300 Kilobytes per second to 2 Megabytes per second to anticipate and manage growing traffic requirements between its sites. Iridium chose iDirect after conducting a comparative evaluation of next-generation satellite platforms to upgrade the infrastructure of its network.


"iDirect's advanced TDMA-sharing model provides a significant boost in bandwidth efficiency and throughput for transmitting critical satellite telemetry and command data. This key improvement ensures added flexibility and reliability so we can provide our growing customer base with the best possible service and connectivity on the world's farthest reaching network, today and well into the future on Iridium NEXT."  said John Roddy, Executive Vice President, Global Operations and Product Development, Iridium