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Hoje Telecom Selects Advantech Wireless for Major VSAT Upgrade

April 12, 2011


Advantech Wireless, has recently signed a contract with Hoje Telecom of Brazil, to provide them with VSAT upgrade hub, RF equipment and over 1000 remote terminals. By 2014, Internet penetration is expected to increase in Brazil by 79% from 2009. By implementing this network, Hoje Telecom will be able to leverage this growth and provide thousands of previously unconnected users with internet access.

The cost-effective solution that Advantech Wireless is able to offer Hoje Telecom allows them to use their existing legacy equipment. More importantly, it provides them with the flexibility and scalability to add more users and features as the network grows. Advantech will also upgrade the network to provide ACM operation to maximize bandwidth utilization.

One key cost saving benefit for Hoje Telecom is the bandwidth efficiency of the system. This is achieved through Advantech Wireless’ resource management system and the extremely short MF-TDMA frame period of 26.5msec. This frame period enables instantaneous response to changes in demand while at the same time significantly minimizing jitter for sensitive real-time applications. Transmission efficiency and bandwidth savings are achieved by using ACM on the DVB-S2 Forward Link and ClearSky™ (Return link Adaptive Rain Fade Countermeasures) and 8PSK on the Return Link.  These best-in-class transmission technologies generate levels of efficiency that are at the cutting edge of what is achievable today. 

The S4120 ACM DVB-RCS VSAT terminals being deployed enable DVB-S2 ACM operation, widely recognized as the most bandwidth and performance efficient technology available. Advantech pioneered this technology in 2006 and continues to be a market leader in this area.  Remote terminals receive up to 135 Mbps, transmit up to 6 Mbps and support bandwidth on demand VoIP applications. As the outdoor units will be installed in remote locations throughout Brazil, long-term reliability is essential to reducing the total operating costs.

“The combination of Advantech Wireless’ high performance products, local service and field-proven solutions was key in securing this contract. We look forward to being able to help Hoje Telecom provide reliable communications to many communities that are currently without internet access” noted Claudio Frugis, Director of Sales for Brazil for Advantech Wireless.