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What they're are saying about Chairman Pai's C-Band Plan

December 8 Auction Would Free Up 280 MHz of Key Mid-Band Spectrum for 5G

Vice President Mike Pence:  “We believe the best way forward is what Ajit Pai announced …  The FCC has a plan for dealing with the spectrum that we think is going to make 5G much more rapidly available all across the country. And that’s the plan the President has endorsed and will be carrying forward.”  (CNBC interview, 2/7/20)  

White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow:  “[T]he Federal Communications Commission, my friend Ajit Pai, reached a historic deal with the satellite operators so we can repurpose 280 MHz of spectrum. We will repurpose that so-called C-band to help 5G and to help push 5G out into the exurbs and rural America … a gigantic step forward on the 5G story.”  (Fox Business interview, 2/7/20) 

Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation Chairman Roger Wicker (MS):  “Winning the race to 5G requires having additional spectrum available in order to deploy advanced networks. I have advocated giving the commission the flexibility to get this done quickly while protecting taxpayers.”  (Statement, 2/6/20) 

Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation and the Internet Chairman John Thune (SD):  “One of the few areas of agreement in Washington is that the United States cannot afford to lose the race to 5G. … I applaud Chairman Pai and the FCC for their work on preparing a C-band auction that ensures this critical mid-band spectrum is made available quickly and efficiently.”  (Statement, 2/6/20) 

House Energy and Commerce Committee Ranking Member Greg Walden (OR) and Subcommittee on Communications and Technology Ranking Member Bob Latta (OH):  “The U.S. must win the race to 5G; it’s us or China. [We] know the Trump administration and Chairman Pai share that view—and today the FCC will take a major step forward in pursuit of that shared goal. The incumbent license holders agreed to the accelerated relocation of their operations on the C-band spectrum. This ensures critical mid-band spectrum gets to market for the deployment of 5G services.”  (Statement, 2/18/20) 

Former Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Mike Rogers:  “Our mission has been clear from the start: ensure that the United States successfully rolls out 5G nationwide, support the FCC’s goal of a 2020 C-band auction, and beat China in the race to 5G leadership. We appreciate Chairman Pai’s willingness to lead on this issue. His announcement today made clear that he understands the importance of this race to our country’s national security and economic future.”  (Statement, 2/6/20) 

American Action Forum:  “5G and its potential applications are an exciting technology for a number of reasons, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently announced an auction for wireless spectrum that could speed the deployment of this technology. … By setting an auction by the end of the year, Chairman Pai … recognize[s] the need for a smooth and quick transition that will continue innovation in next-generation communications technology.”  (Blog, 2/11/20)

American Commitment:  “We strongly support @AjitPaiFCC's #CBandPlan, which will expeditiously clear vital mid-band spectrum for 5G. Two months ago it looked like stakeholders could never agree.  The chairman has forged a consensus and all Americans will benefit.”  (Tweet, 2/18/20) 

American Conservative Union:  “We thank Chairman @AjitPaiFCC for his continued work. Winning the 5G race remains critical for our national security and making this spectrum available through a responsible and efficient process will further our chances of success on this issue.”  (Tweet, 2/6/20) 

American Consumer Institute:  “Mid-band is a crucial piece to delivering 5G technology and services to consumers. Thank you for pushing ahead with a prompt C-band spectrum auction. Highest and Best Use!”  (Tweet, 2/6/20) 

American Enterprise Institute Visiting Scholars Mark Jamison and Roslyn Layton:  “We applaud Federal Communications Commission Chairman Pai and his team for outlining

a solid proposal to auction the C-band spectrum in 2020. … The proposal appears to meet the key goals of auctioning a sizeable portion of spectrum expeditiously. We are also pleased that the auction could take place on December 8, 2020 … The idea of accelerated payments to incentivize putting the band into use for 5G is also a good idea.”  (Statement, 2/6/20)  

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist:  “Thanks to @AjitPaiFCC for his #CbandPlan. This is a critical step for the future of our economy & the unimagined innovations that #5G will bring.”  (Tweet, 2/6/20) 

Center for Individual Freedom:  “Thank you @AjitPaiFCC for moving to quickly free up this critical mid-band spectrum… and doing so the right way – protecting incumbent uses AND taxpayers while helping ensure U.S. leadership in #5G!”  (Tweet, 2/6/20) 

Citizens Against Government Waste:  “U.S. leadership in 5G deployment is an economic and national security imperative.  There is a critical need for mid-band spectrum, and the proposal announced today by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to free up portions of the c-band spectrum in the 3.7-4.2 GHz band leverages the FCC’s vast experience in operating public auctions of spectrum using a transparent, market-based approach, ensures widespread deployment of 5G across the country and provides revenue for taxpayers.”  (Statement, 2/6/20) 

Club for Growth:  “Winning the race to 5G is gonna be @AjitPaiFCC’s legacy. He’s making the right calls. #BeatChina”  (Tweet, 2/6/20) 

Competitive Enterprise Institute:  “As countless industries race to make investments in 5G-enabled technology, the United States can ill afford to fall behind in clearing the way. CEI has long supported efforts to make more efficient use of the C-Band. … [W]e are encouraged by Chairman Pai’s commitment to hold the proposed public [auction] before the end of 2020.  (Blog, 2/18/20) 

Consumer Action for a Strong Economy:  “Kudos to @AjitPaiFCC for his determination to ensure America wins the race to 5G, including an end of year auction of critical 280 MHz of spectrum in the C-band.”  (Tweet, 2/6/20) 

Digital Liberty:  “High Five! This is a positive step forward for #5G in America as

@AjitPaiFCC stays true to his #5GFAST plan.”  (Tweet, 2/6/20) 

Free State Foundation:  “Importantly, there is widespread agreement that time is of the essence in repurposing the C-Band spectrum if the U.S. is not going to fall behind China and other countries in building out 5G networks. So, I readily commend FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for his diligence and hard work in keeping the FCC on track to act in a timely fashion. The plan Chairman Pai announced today is a thoughtful effort to balance the various interests in a way that advances overall consumer welfare and the national interest.”  (Statement, 2/6/20) 

FreedomWorks:  “Chairman Pai’s tenure … has been characterized by his willingness to allow the market to innovate and compete both here at home and globally. His announcement regarding C-band spectrum is yet another step in that direction. Making the lower 280 MHz of the C-band available for flexible use will help secure U.S. leadership in the 5G space while making it easier to provide faster service for all Americans. … Our nation is entering an exciting technological age and Chairman Pai’s leadership will make sure that that era arrives faster and with less government intrusion in the marketplace.”  (Statement, 2/6/20) 

Frontiers of Freedom Senior Fellow Peter Roff:  “The Pai-led FCC has been protecting a huge percentage of the economic growth that’s occurred in the U.S. economy over the last several years. And we’ll all benefit if his colleagues stand with him regarding what’s to happen with the C-Band spectrum.”  (Op-ed, 2/12/20) 

Heritage Action:  “Thank you @AjitPaiFCC for pushing forward America’s leadership in 5G tech and calling for an auction of the C-band spectrum in 2020. The use of accelerated payments to incentivize satellite operators to make the C-band available will benefit all Americans waiting on 5G expansion.”  (Tweet, 2/18/20) 

Heritage Foundation:  “#CBandPlan is critical for 5G deployment—and securing U.S. leadership in next-gen technology. Kudos to @AjitPaiFCC for bringing this forward!”  (Tweet, 2/6/20)  

Institute for Policy Innovation:  “Today’s announced plan[]… is a thoughtful way to address the very complex problem of maximizing spectrum for 5G use while still providing adequate spectrum for existing satellite users. … Rolling out 5G in a timely manner should be a national priority, and Chairman Pai and the FCC are exhibiting strong, thoughtful leadership for this major undertaking.”  (Statement, 2/6/20) 

International Center for Law & Economics:  “Repurposing 280MHz of under-used, limited-purpose satellite spectrum in the C-band for flexible terrestrial use (while relocating & preserving existing satellite ops) is a no-brainer. Doing it this quickly is a remarkable feat & a huge boon for consumers. Kudos @AjitPaiFCC!”  (Tweet, 2/18/20) 

James Madison Institute:  “The future of communications and technology lies in 5G. Thank you @AjitPaiFCC @FCC for your great work in creating more opportunities for 5G through c-band auction. Your efforts will help #Florida immensely!”  (Tweet, 2/18/20) 

LGBT Tech:  “5G deployment in C-Band can transform technological access to unserved and underserved communities, such as the #LGBTQ community, by helping to close the #digitaldivide and allow individuals to access basic yet essential services. #CBandPlan”  (Tweet, 2/6/20) 

Lincoln Network:  “It’s critical that the U.S. make quick, decisive moves to give itself more advantages in leading the race to 5G (you think China is abusing its leverage now, just wait). The FCC’s proposed repurposing C-band spectrum should move ahead without delay.”  (Tweet, 2/6/20) 

Mercatus Center Senior Research Fellow Brent Skorup:  “Great to hear. Sale of 280 MHz of new spectrum would be a huge capacity increase for US mobile customers (ie, everyone).”  (Tweet, 2/6/20) 

National Association of Tower Erectors:  “NATE applauds FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for unveiling draft rules today that would reform the use of the C-band and make a large amount of spectrum available for 5G, the next generation of wireless technology. The plan appears to strike the right balance to free up access to critical midband spectrum while protecting incumbent users.”  (Statement, 2/6/20) 

National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce:  “We're very supportive of @FCC Chairman @AjitPaiFCC's new plan to auction #CBand to allow #5G to proliferate faster, which will further stimulate the economy & provide ALL Americans greater opportunities to prosper!”  (Tweet, 2/6/20) 

National Security Institute Fellow Andy Keiser:  “Commend Chairman @AjitPaiFCC

for tireless leadership freeing up U.S. midband spectrum essential to 5G. Pai’s 2020 C band auction plan strikes ideal balance, helping ensure U.S. stays 1 step ahead in this transformative, critical tech to USA’s future national & economic security.”  (Tweet, 2/18/20) 

OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates:  “#5G can be the key to bridging the digital divide by providing faster communications and increased response times for overlooked communities such as the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. #CBandPlan”  (Tweet, 2/6/20) 

Pelican Center for Technology and Innovation:  “We applaud @FCC for working to free up the C-band spectrum as soon as possible. This will not only ensure America leads the way on #5G.  But will bring much needed connectivity to people in the rural parts of Louisiana as soon as possible.”  (Tweet, 2/6/20) 

Phoenix Center:  “The Commission’s plan ensures a beneficial outcome for all parties involved: the potential bidders are pleased, the incumbent satellite operators agreed, and the U.S. Treasury is expected to obtain more revenue with than without these [accelerated relocation] payments.”  (Study, 2/18/20) 

Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council:  “C-band spectrum is vital to 5G deployment, and entrepreneurs are pleased that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has taken yet another bold step for America’s future by proposing a practical approach to accelerate its availability. The U.S. must maintain its leadership in deploying the next generation of mobile networks and all steps taken by the FCC to date have put the U.S. on a path to successful implementation so that small businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers will experience the transformative power of 5G more quickly.”  (Statement, 2/18/20)


Steve Forbes:  “@AjitPaiFCC's announcement on #CBandPlan is a great win for America in the race to 5G vs. China. Relocation payments are key to auction speed and certainty.”  (Tweet, 2/6/20) 

Taxpayers Protection Alliance:  “Chairman Pai has wisely chosen to protect taxpayers and continue to close the digital divide with a clearly articulated plan to make this critical mid-band spectrum available for 5G without leaving taxpayers in the lurch. … Pai should be commended for protecting taxpayers and closing the digital divide while bringing in resources to the United States Treasury.”  (Statement, 2/6/20) 

TechLatino:  “Huge announcement @FCC to auction critical airwaves to help promote speedy economic development in 2020 and beyond. #CBandPlan”  (Tweet, 2/6/20) 

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board:  “Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai has been battling rent-seekers and politicians to free up more broadband spectrum for 5G. On Thursday he proposed a compromise to repurpose satellite spectrum that could accelerate 5G by years … Credit to Mr. Pai, who is now threading the needle. … [His] plan would launch 5G in rural America faster.”  (Editorial, 2/6/20)


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