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Kleos Space Opens US Subsidiary

Kleos Space has incorporated a fully owned US subsidiary which will enable them to integrate and sell its Maritime Intelligence, surveillance, Reconnaissance data into the US Defence and Security Government Departments.

Kleos Space Inc will also provide Kleos with access to US Government funding and Projects which are otherwise restricted. The SBIR program is thought to be one of Kleos’ targeted goals as well as other projects that contribute to technology advancements.

The Kleos Scouting Mission is believed to be on track with a launch from Chennai in India during the fourth quarter of 2019.

Karyn Hayes-Ryan has been appointed as Director of Kleos’ US subsidiary. Karyn is highly experienced in ISR gaining knowledge as a former intelligence community and Defence senior executive.

Karyn said “A US entity in the world’s largest defence market allows Kleos to work closely with Government Agencies to improve the US’s international maritime surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, supporting its defence services both locally and abroad. A local enterprise with appropriate security clearance, innovation and technical capability also provides opportunities to collaborate on funded projects and defence entities within the national security framework.”



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