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Intelsat and Aldea Join Forces to Deliver an Unparalleled Global Satellite and Fiber Video Distribution Network

April 08, 2019

Intelsat S.A. and Aldea Solutions Inc. announced that the two companies have entered into a peering relationship to expand satellite and fiber video contribution and distribution networks for media customers globally. This agreement will also leverage both companies’ extensive presence in Latin America.

As a means to provide easier access for content programmers to Intelsat’s premier media distribution platforms, Intelsat and Aldea are extending their combined infrastructure and footprint. Through the partnership, Intelsat will further expand the reach of its IntelsatOne terrestrial network via Aldea’s international fiber network, adding connectivity to media locations in 35 cities, as well as connections to premium content programmers. In turn, Aldea will have access to Intelsat’s video neighborhoods which house approximately 5,400 channels and reach 508 million households worldwide.

Bill O’Hara, Intelsat’s General Manager, Media, stated, “At Intelsat, our broadcasters’ and programmers’ needs come first. By providing direct access to Intelsat’s premier satellite distribution platforms through Aldea, content programmers will have an easier path to widen their viewership and monetize their content.”

Lionel Bentolila, Aldea CEO, added, “The premier quality of service we provide to media customers around the world has been the principal driver of our success. This new relationship with Intelsat reinforces our commitment to excellence and extends our reach, offering additional satellite-based options for our customers.”


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