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ExoAnalytic Solutions and NorthStar Earth & Space join forces to combat growing space debris threat, protect satellites in orbit


April 1, 2019

 A strategic cooperation between ExoAnalytic Solutions of Foothill Ranch, California and NorthStar Earth & Space of Montreal, Quebec was announced today. The two companies will collaborate on the development of new commercial services to protect satellites and other high-value space assets from potentially catastrophic collisions with space debris and other orbiting objects. The comprehensive global telescope network of ExoAnalytic Solutions and the sensors deployed on NorthStar's satellite constellation, will combine to enable space situational awareness information of unique dimension, precision and timeliness.

"Congestion in space is a clear and present threat to all space faring nations and managing assets in space is everybody's business," said Doug Hendrix CEO of ExoAnalytic Solutions. "Satellite operators need independent, accurate data sources and tools to enable them to make smart decisions in real time. ExoAnalytic Solutions and NorthStar Earth & Space will offer the highest quality SSA data, tools and services to help ensure safe access to space for future generations."

The threat posed by space debris is common to all space operators. On February 10, 2009, two artificial satellites, Iridium 33 and Kosmos-2251, collided at a speed of 11,700 m/s and an altitude of 789 kilometers. On March 27, 2019, a satellite was destroyed during a test mission. These events created thousands of pieces of debris, increased space congestion, and upped the threat level of collisions with other satellites which provide essential services to the population of Earth. 

According to the European Space Agency, as of January 2019, there are an estimated 129 million space debris objects in Earth's orbit. The estimate includes 128 million objects smaller than 1 cm, 900,000 objects between 1 and 10 cm, and 34,000 objects larger than 10 cm. Precise knowledge and prediction capability of the orbits of these objects is essential for continued safe operations in space.

"NorthStar is pleased to create this cooperation between our Canadian company and ExoAnalytic Solutions, an established US enterprise," said Stewart Bain CEO of NorthStar Earth & Space.  "Collaborations between trusted partners and nations are essential to safe operations in space.  Canada is host to the International Civil Aviation Organization, space traffic is a natural next step in the evolution."



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