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Wavestream Announces the First in a Series of Ka-Band Solutions for LEO/MEO Gateway Market

February 20, 2019

Wavestream announced today the first in a series of Ka-band solutions for LEO/MEO gateway market.

Wavestream has released an industry-leading Ka-band 160W Peak Envelope Power BUC for LEO/MEO gateway applications. The new BUC provides 65W of linear power. Leveraging Wavestream’s patented Spatial advantEdge™ technology, this new gateway-focused BUC reaches power levels that could previously be achieved only by traveling wave tube amplifiers. Using the latest in GaN chips, Wavestream BUCs provide best-in-class performance with the smallest SWaP.
The 160W BUC provides major technical and operational advantages for satellite operators with global LEO/MEO constellations.

“As satellite operators move to low orbit constellations, the market is demanding innovative solutions with high volume manufacturing, to support a significant growth in the number of ground teleports,” said Bob Huffman, General Manager at Wavestream. “As the industry leader in Ka-band SSPAs, Wavestream is now at the forefront of providing new state-of-the-art solid state power amplifier technology to meet these customer needs.”



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