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Dish Mexico Selects Gilat and Hispasat for Delivery of High-quality Broadband Services to the People of Mexico

Dec. 17, 2018

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. announced today that Dish Mexico has chosen Gilat's SkyEdge II-c multi-service platform, operating over Hispasat's HTS satellite, Amazonas-5, to deliver high-quality broadband services in Mexico.

Mexico will be connected with ON, a new high-quality satellite Internet access service, to benefit the unserved and underserved people of Mexico. This service will include high speed broadband connectivity over satellite as a solution for remote regions where terrestrial service is not available. The broadband service will utilize Gilat's highly efficient X-Architecture and DVB-S2X VSATs operating over Ka-band capacity from Hispasat's recently launched Amazonas-5 satellite.

"The joint solution of Hispasat and Gilat will allow Dish Mexico to deliver quality Internet service to both the residential and Small-to-Medium sized Enterprise (SME) markets," said Santiago Ennis, Wireless and Marketing ON Director. "This solution enables flexible Internet access packages with different speeds and prices to best serve the varying needs of our customer base."

"We are excited by Dish Mexico's selection of our consumer broadband service," said Ignacio Sanchis, Chief Commercial Officer of Hispasat. "Our rigorous testing demonstrated the robustness and efficiency of Gilat's equipment as it operates over our multi-beam Ka Amazonas-5 satellite." 

"This win is a testament to the confidence that Dish has placed in Hispasat and Gilat's joint solution, and materialization of Gilat's strong relationship with Hispasat for the benefit of the people of Mexico," said Tobias Dezordi, Regional Vice President Latin America at Gilat. "This achievement is yet another step in delivering on Gilat's global vision to enable quality, plentiful and affordable broadband worldwide, and our continued commitment to the Latin America region."




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