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Advantech Wireless Technologies Delivers Its 3.2kW Ku-Band Outdoor Modular Summit SSPA to a Major DTH Broadcaster

Oct. 3, 2018

 Advantech Wireless Technologies Inc. (Advantech) delivered its 3.2kW Ku-Band Outdoor Modular Summit SSPA System to a major DTH Broadcasting customer.

Designed to be used as a direct replacement of older generation Klystrons or TWTs (travelling wave tubes) these high power, wide bandwidth, all outdoor ruggedized systems will allow operation over the entire Ku-band spectrum with multiple carriers and outstanding linearity. The new modular Summit systems have built-in redundancy with soft failure mode and operate simultaneously on both polarizations or on a single polarization with double the amount of power.

Cristi Damian, VP Business Development at Advantech, is delighted to discuss this technology. “This 3.2kW Ku-Band modular system, is breaking a new record in terms of RF power and bandwidth efficiency. The system is able to uplink six full transponders, with wide carrier spacing, at a total  of 1kW of RF power in Ku-Band while meeting the most stringent linearity requirements imposed by Ultra HD 4K Video Broadcasting. With additional back off, the system can easily uplink 20 full transponders, and cover an entire satellite from the same antenna.”



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