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CBC/Radio-Canada Expands its Use of UHP Technology in Satellite Operations


September 11, 2018



UHP Networks, a leading global manufacturer of VSAT equipment, announced today that CBC/Radio-Canada has commissioned their new UHP VSAT Hub. CBC/Radio-Canada is Canada's national public broadcaster. It uses satellite technology in news gathering and content distribution. The new UHP Hub is serving remote areas in the Canadian North and supports high-speed connectivity for multimedia applications. It is the third network based on UHP technology installed by the Canadian broadcaster with over 300 remotes delivered by UHP to date. The first network has been operating successfully for over 4 years. These networks provide high-availability service under rigorous QoS requirements.


UHP Networks CEO Dr. Vagan Shakhgildian commented, “We at UHP are very happy to strengthen our partnership with CBC/Radio-Canada, a world-renowned organization and our national public broadcaster. CBC/Radio-Canada is a forward-thinking organization, and we are glad they chose our technology for their new network.”



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