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Cloud Constellation Corporation Launches Global Partner Program

Aug. 14, 2018

Cloud Constellation Corporation announced the launch of a global partner program for its SpaceBelt™ Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) space-based cloud service. Enabling a new dimension in cybersecurity, partners can offer their customers a cloud service that eliminates the terrestrial infrastructure as a key data breach vulnerability that every enterprise organization faces.

Using a networked constellation of eight satellites in low Earth orbit, SpaceBelt DSaaS is a patented, scalable, space-based cloud service for securing high-value and highly sensitive data assets by providing data storage in space along with global, secure managed network services.

Enterprise, government and military organizations communicate directly with the SpaceBelt network from their secure facilities, thus avoiding the risk of traversing vulnerable terrestrial infrastructure. Providing the ultimate air gap security, SpaceBelt is an extension of a customers' enterprise network with dynamically scalable space-based data storage capacity and network bandwidth.

Dennis R. Gatens, chief commercial officer, Cloud Constellation Corporation, said: "The immediate level of acceptance and interest in our global partner program validates the SpaceBelt DSaaS value proposition and the game-changing capabilities it brings to a service provider's portfolio. An enterprise cybersecurity strategy is comprised of numerous technologies, applications and processes, but underpinning it with SpaceBelt DSaaS greatly enhances its effectiveness."

The SpaceBelt Global Partner Program is ideal for service providers looking to expand their portfolio with an outstanding value proposition for enterprise data security. SpaceBelt DSaaS complements the existing service portfolios of cloud service providers, cryptocurrency exchange operators, teleport operators, managed service providers and satellite service providers.


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